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Best Laid Plans….

Well, our vacation week has started off with a bang. We have been planning a trip to meet up with one of my long time friends and his family in Las Vegas. The planning of the trip went smoothly. However the actual journey has not been as smooth.

Since I work for our local airline one of the perks is free or discounted travel for myself and immediate family. The only negative to these perks is that we have to fly stand by. We only get on a flight if there is space available. I was able to list ourselves on all the Frontier flights from Denver to Las Vegas.  My wife and daughters were up early and I never went to sleep because I worked a light night shift, and I had to pack and than be at the airport to work our early morning flights. My wife and daughters flew to Denver on our first flight of the day. After working I hopped onto the next flight. That way we could all get on our Las Vegas flight together. Easy right. Not so much. My flight was delayed almost an hour and all of the Frontier flights where full. I totally felt like a we were about to have Griswald family vacation. Where nothing goes right. However, as a back up plan I had listed us on a Great Lakes flight to Las Vegas. My wife ran to the gate to check in and was waiting to see if she and the girls were going to get on. When I arrived there was only two seats available. We decided to each take a girl and I kissed my wife and 5 year old goodbye and they hopped on the flight to Las Vegas. Their luggage made it just fine on that Frontier flight and was waiting for them when they arrived.

Cate and I were able to catch a 12:15pm flight to Page, AZ. Check out a Birds Eye View for the breathing taking views from our flight. However, we needed to spend the night here because there is only one Great Lakes flight to Las Vegas per day. My wife, always prepared, packed extra outfits for the girls just in case we got seperated from our luggage. However, in the hustle of exchanging children I never grabbed the clothes for Cate. Once we arrived in Page, which is just simply georgeous, we rented a car and began to explore the area. First we went to Walmart to buy an outfit for Cate, than we went on a little hike in the Glen Canyon Recreation area (pics to follow later), and finally found a hotel for the night.

We may not be able to get to our destinations quickly or even all together.  But we make the best out of every situation that arises,and we are creating memories as a family.

What are some of your family vacation memories? 

Hooked on Phonics for ME!!!

Abby has been attending Pre-K since last fall. She attends two days a week and loves every minute of it. She simply adores her teacher. Abby is in the process of learning how to read. She knows her ABC’s, and the sound each letter makes, and can decode some words. Now its just a matter of getting her to put everything together. I enjoy reading, but it takes me forever to get through one book. The time it takes me to get through one my wife has read 6 or 7 different books. We both enjoy reading to our daughters and we  want them to  have a love for reading.

The problem I am having while teaching Abby how to read is all the RULES. I don’t remember any of the rules when it comes to short or long vowels, silent letters and that is just the beginning. I think I need Hooked on Phonics for Daddy’s. I’m most likely making a bigger deal then it really is. But still, the English language is HARD. The positives that I am taking away from this is that I have to research and review all the rules in order to help Abby learn. If anything its something we can both do together.

I realize it will be a long journey, but it should be a fun ride.

This morning I stumbled across a website that I will keep handy to help ME as well as our daughters learn the process of reading.


We will also be using Star Fall to help us with our phonics.

Baseball is around the corner

The 2013 Major League Baseball season is about to begin. I was never a hard core baseball guy growing up. I grew up in the NJ/NY area and I could either route for the NY Yankees or the NY Mets.Being that my family is from New England I would have been tarred and feathered if I routed for the Yankees, so I followed the Mets. I grew up in the era of Dwight Gooden, Darrel Strawberry, Lenny Dykstra and many other Met greats of the 1980′s. My two baseball worlds collided in 1986. When the Mets and Red Sox played in the World Series. The Mets won the World Series in 1986, but have been up and down for years after that. Needless to say its been a tortured relationship. I still keep my allegiance to the little brother of NYC. Recently I have started to indulge my family roots, by rooting for the Boston Red Sox.

With the beginning of the new Baseball season, I always return to memories of my childhood. Playing wiffle ball in the yard with my brothers and friends. I would even pretend to play an entire baseball game by myself always being the hero by hitting the game winning home run. Another fond memory will always be  playing catch and pickle with my friends after school.

There is always a connection made between father’s and sons or 

daughters with baseball. If its not baseball itself its just spending a quality afternoon with your dad. One summer my brothers and I wanted to spend some quality time with our dad. We celebrated his 70th birthday by attending Citi field in NYC, and Fenway Park. WE ALMOST MISSED OUT ON THE GAME, because our FATHER forgot the tickets. But that’s another story!!! Our wonderful mother drove two hours south to drop the tickets off for us, at her sister’s house. It was my first time attending a game in Fenway Park, and we listened to stories of my father skipping school as a kid to watch Ted Williams, and other Boston Red Sox greats on opening day.

I would like to extend the same memories to my daughters. They may not like baseball, but I hope they can indulge dad and spend some quality time with me.

This post was originally written two years ago, updated and reposted.

Wake the Hell Up!!!

I found this article by Jeff Pearlman  really interesting. If you want to check it out go ahead, but first a few of my thoughts. I put this post together a couple of years ago, but the article and my thoughts still hold true.

My wife is an AMAZING stay at home mom, and I do my best to give her a break when she needs it. However, there are times when I feel myself falling into the trap of just vegging in front of the laptop and just zoning out. Or I will go out and play a round of golf, when I have the time. Even though I am busy with school, work, and being a daddy, I do my best to help her out with our daughters. Now that our roles have changed and I stay home with our girls when I’m not working. It’s always good to get a break from our girls. My wife and I are like tag team partners. We each take turns to give each other a break.

I know not all of the following apply to me,  but I do enjoy a round of golf when I can, but I always try and make sure everything is OK first.

The following is a  good guide to help create a good foundation to building great relationships with your children and to help keep our priorities as dads straight:

For you, I offer these 10 commandments of righteous fatherhood. Pay close attention, because, behind your back, people are pitying your wife:

1. No golf on weekends: Seriously, it’s ludicrous. Your spouse is home with the kids all the time, and you think it’s OK to take five hours on a weekend day to pursue your own pastime? Selfishness, thy name is Father.

2. Wake up: Literally, wake up. With your kids. On at least one of the two weekend days — and perhaps both. I know: you wake up early for work. Not even remotely the same thing. Rising alongside the kiddies is hard. And crazy. And (gasp!) sorta fun, if you’d just stop moping.

3. Change diapers: If you have little kids, and you don’t know how to change diapers (or, even worse, refuse to change diapers), you’re pathetic. That’s no exaggeration — p-a-t-h-e-t-i-c. It’s not all that hard, and though the poop sometimes winds up on the fingers, well, uh, yeah. It just does. Wash your hands.

4. Play with dolls and paint your toenails: How many fathers do I know who refuse to get girlish with their girls? Dozens. Dude, put aside the machismo, break out Barbie and slather on some pink polish. You’ll make a friend for life — and nobody else is watching.

5. Do things you don’t want to do: It’s easy to take the kids to the driving range — because you want to be there. Now try spending the day having a tea party at American Girl. Or crawling through one of those wormholes at the nearby kiddie gym. Fun? Often, no. But this isn’t about you.

6. Order the wife to bug off: I recently met a mother who told me her husband hadn’t been alone with their 9-year-old daughter for more than two hours … ever. Inexcusable. Let your wife do her own thing: relax, take a run, whatever. Entertain your children solo. They don’t bite (Note: CNN.com is not liable if your children do, in fact, bite).

7. Surprise! Just once, on a random day without meaning or purpose, show up early at your kid’s school/camp/wherever, say “Get in the car!” and take him/her somewhere special. Just the two of you, alone. A movie. A park. A hike. The memory lasts — I promise.

8. Dishes Don’t Clean Themselves (Nor Do Toys): It’s amazing how this one works. You pick up a dish, run it under hot water with some soap, rub it down with a towel and place it back on the shelf. Then repeat.

9. Wake up your kid: Not often. But if you want to score big points and create a killer memory moment, walk in Junior’s room at, oh, midnight, wake him/her up and go outside for 10 minutes to watch the stars.

10. For God’s sake, tell your kids you love them: They never see you, and they’d probably like to know.

Bud, as you read this your wife is expecting little — and your kids are expecting even less. Pull one out of the blue. Make Father’s Day less about you, and all about them.

The opinions expressed in this commentary are solely those of Jeff Pearlman.

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Bell of the Ball

My daughters like to dance. Well, jump, spin, sway and twirl around the room and act like they are dancing! My three (almost five now) year old always wants me to dance with her and pretend she is the Bell of the Ball. This morning was no different, but I was late and trying to get out of the house to class. But the lyrics to Stephen Curtis Chapman “Cinderella” kept going through my head:

So I will dance with Cinderella
While she is here in my arms
‘Cause I know something the prince never knew
Oh, I will dance with Cinderella
I don’t want to miss even one song
‘Cause all too soon the clock will strike midnight
And she’ll be gone…

One day she will be all grown up and will be gone, and these moments of joy will be a distant memory. I have to take all the precious moments I can, especially now that I am busy being back in school.

So, dad’s take these lyrics to heart and always treat your little girl’s as if they are the Bell of the Ball! Don’t let a hectic schedule prevent you from creating life long memories with your daughter.

I wrote this blog almost two years ago, just thought I would repost it.

If you give a toddler a nap…

If you give a toddler a nap, she insist that she wants to sleep on mommy and daddy’s bed. If you take her to mommy and daddy’s bed, she will close her eyes and pretend to sleep so you will leave the room. If you leave the room, she will get bored and start to roll around getting all tangled in the blankets. If she gets under all the blankets, she will pretend it is a fort and need some snacks. If she feels hungry, she will notice the Jolly Ranchers left by your midnight snacking husband by the bed and start to roll one around in her mouth, getting all your sheets all sticky. If she gets the bed sticky, she will try and lick off the sticky and get a very dry mouth. If she gets a dry mouth, she will go over to the dresser and get off the water bottle that you left there for your morning drink and drink all the water while looking at herself in the mirror. If she looks in the mirror, she will notice how much she doesn’t look like a zebra and take the Sharpy from the dresser top and start to draw on her arms and legs and face and tummy to make herself look like a zebra. If she makes herself look like a zebra, she will notice she doesn’t blend in with her surroundings and start to draw on the door, the dresser and the bed to make it look more like the Sahara dessert. If she draws on the door, mommy will hear a little noise and come to check on her angel and have a little freak out. If mommy has a little freak out, she will put the toddler in the bathtub to be away from mommy while she cleans up the mess as much as possible. If the toddler goes to the bathtub, the warm water will make her feel sleepy and mommy will come back and tell that toddler that it’s time for a nap…

If You Give a Two Year Old Some Privacy…

vector-of-a-cartoon-boy-using-a-potty-outlined-coloring-page-by-ron-leishman-21874If you give a two year old a bathroom break, she will ask for some privacy.

If you close the door, she will kick off her pants and then get done and not tell you. She will start to pick at the toilet paper thinking about wiping herself.

If she starts to pick at the toilet paper, she will realize how fast it turns and she will gleefully pull off the entire roll, never once using it on her bottom.

If she unrolls all the paper, she will get off the toilet and think where all the paper should go. She will proceed to put it in the toilet and try to flush.

If the toilet doesn’t flush, she will leave it there and think about washing her hands. She will get onto the sink and start to pump out the soap.

If she has soaped up her hands, her feet, her legs and her face, she will turn on the water to rinse off.

If the water is running and she has soap on her legs, she will notice the razor that mommy used to shave her legs earlier and try and shave her legs in the sink leaving a lovely mess everywhere but never being able to get off the guard, she will abandon the idea and think about lotioning up after all this washing up.

If she finds the lotion sitting on the sink, she will proceed to pump out a whole bunch and use the mirror to try and get it evenly over her entire face and body. Some of the lotion will get on the mirror and she will attempt to spread it evenly over the mirror, the sink and the entire counter top. After all this lotioning, which mommy has told her not get in her mouth, she will think about how she CAN moisten her mouth and she will head for the petroleum jelly which she will put on her lips and then try and wipe off the excess from her fingers onto her shirt, the sink, the mirror and the entire lotiony counter top.

If she lotions and moisturizes, she will then realize how slippery this whole thing as become and scream for mommy who will be pulled out of her Facebook induced comma to come and see the whole mess.

“It’s only been 5 minutes!”

If Mommy comes in, she will then put the two year old in the bathtub and proceed to clean up the mess while breathing awfully funny like.

Then, while being dried off, the two year old will ask to go potty and insist that she needs privacy.