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Enjoying Baseball


dad pregame flat
Dad before the game.
daisuke M flat
Daisuke warming up
david wright flat
David Wright pregame warmup
zach wheeler flat
Zach Wheeler pregame. A promising young pitcher for the Mets
Uncle Josh and Sebby flat
Nephew Sebby and Uncle Josh discuss our National Past time

ball and base flat david wright batting flat catcher's autograph flat Rockies Mascot flat who's on first flat bartolo Colon flat sunset at ballpark flatYesterday was a guys day in Denver. Myself, father and brother in law and little nephew went to a Colorado Rockies game. They were playing the New York Mets, which was an added bonus for me. Growing in New Jersey I grew.  up rooting for the Mets. (I also cheer for the Red Sox, due to family ties). It was a fun day trip for us MEN!!! My three companions drove to Denver for the game. I waited to see if my wife was actually going to go into labor with our third child. It was only False labor. Once that was decided I hopped onto an airplane and flew to Denver. I however barely made the plane, I was running a few errands in town and I drive up and the plane had just landed. I come racing threw security(good thing the TSA know me) and jump on the airplane. It also left 20 mins early.  But I finally arrived in Denver and was picked up at the airport and we drove downtown. We wandered the 16th street mall and just had a grand old time.

We arrive at the ball park about two hours before game time and we watched the Mets take batting practice. Unfortunately for me  the game was a one sided affair and the Mets lost. Oh Well, it was still a fun trip.

All My Single Ladies!

Andy is gone this week. Therefore this working mom is single mom-ing it. Every time I’m alone with the kids, I realize how much I don’t know about being a single parent. Single-Ladies-single-ladies

When I’m a single mom (for a minute), I’m in survival mode. I work, I pick up the kids, I get minimal stuff around the house done and I’m off to bed. There is no time for immaculate, there is no time for Barbies, hobbies, projects, volunteer work or anything else. There is only survival.

When I’m a single mom (for a second), I can’t do it all. I can’t work and stay home and do all the shuttling and shopping and… everything.

When I’m a single mom (for an instant), I am not the best parent. When you have someone, you can take a breather from parenting sometimes when you have had it and let the other person deal while you get it together. Single parents don’t have that option. Finding ways for Mommy to have a time out is HARD.

When I’m a single parent (for a time), I’m stronger than ever. Being alone teaches me that I can do it even if I think I can’t. That doesn’t mean I want to but I can. I CAN!

To all you single parents out there, YOU ARE AMAZING and I’m constantly in awe of how you are able to do more than I even think should be possible and still come out alive. You are stronger than me and work so much more than me. I aspire to have your energy and stamina. Keep up the good work and never never never give up. Let me know if you need a babysitter because dang… seriously!
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From Those Who Have Gone Before.

There are a few pieces of advice I have gotten over the years that were amazing and made a difference in my life.

1. “Treat others the way you want to be treated.” An oldie but a goodie. It’s simple and as a kid, I actually understood this. I didn’t always follow it but it did prevent some pretty horrible moments in my life. I can remember not pulling the trigger on some pretty awful things after putting myself in the other persons shoes.

2. “This to shall pass.” Also an oldie but a goodie and much easier to believe from mother’s who had older children than mine. Sometimes, as a mother, you feel like a stage your kids are in will never be done. You will ALWAYS BE BREASTFEEDING. Will they EVER go to sleep on their own? Someday, they have to be able to FIND THEIR OWN SHOES, right? Yes… it will pass.

3. “Guys just want to be treated nice.” Pretty much, if you are nice. If you aren’t crazy grouchy about stuff, if you aren’t trying to CHANGE them, men are pretty simple. They just want you to be NICE. Think about it.

4. “Let him lead.” Oh, so hard. I’m not a follower kind of person. I like to make a decision and get it done and fix it and let’s MOVE OK?! But sometimes, you need to let the guy do it. Just let him. Taking a breath and letting him do it is not so bad. It relieves stress. It frees up some time. It allows him to feel like you aren’t STEERING HIM! I know the Greek mom says she’s the neck but sometimes we are just a pain in the neck with the bossy! It’s only funny in the movies. Not in real life… seriously.

And now for a piece of advice from me. “If you want to have a good marriage, find other people who are married and like it and talk to them about it.” Other wives who love their husbands are awesome at bragging on those awesome husbands which breeds more bragging from others which basically makes all the wives go home and take a look at their husbands and think, “Hubba hubba!”

What’s the best piece of advice you ever got?

-the wifey