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Project Blue

So, my theme for this week’s  Facebook  52 Week Photo Challenge was Blue. I started by photographing some of our blue goblets, and a blue ball of yarn. They weren’t bad ideas for my project, and they turned out pretty good. But I wanted something more.  Then I remembered I wanted to try something I saw in a MagBook. The picture I saw was a set of colored pencils submersed in sparkling water, which created a bubbly effect. After bouncing some ideas of my wife. I went to work. In keeping with my theme for the week, I selected various shades of blue colored pencils, and placed them in a Pyrex glass dish. I didn’t have any sparkling water, so I mixed tap water and ginger ale to create the desired effect. To keep the pencils from floating in the water, I filled a small Tupperware container with water and placed it on top of the pencils. Then I placed the glass dish onto a projector, which created some back lighting for the photo. I have to say this was the first time I have ever set up a photograph. I am so use to taking pictures of flowers, landscapes, and just candid photographs. It was a lot of fun. I just may have to do it again.

Blue Gobblets flat
Blue Goblets in the Sun
Blue Ball of Yarn flat
Ball of Blue Yarn
Blue Pencils flat
Blue Pencils

All the World is a Stage…

This afternoon I was treated to a stage show by our five year old. It was really cute to see her create a story with princess magnets. Oh I just love the imagination of this child.

Our next stage will be a cardboard box with a window cut into it, and some curtains.


A captivated audience


Snow White who lives in a Snow house and who is searching for love.


A bad guy coming to take people away.


A young girl waiting for her prince