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What to Expect When You’re Expecting: Texts

It’s important to communicate with your partner. Not only is it nice to speak kindly but it’s important to let them in on your life. You cannot be secretive or keep things to yourself or even just forget to check in. You MUST communicate smoothly with your partner. They need to know.

Andy and I text throughout the day. I tell him where I’m going and he tells me the same. I let him know if I’m leaving the house, where I’m headed and if I have an ETA. He lets me know if he’s going to get something to eat or if I need to leave the meal out that I made for the kids so he can have some later. He texts me if he finds that he is not needing to work on a night when I expect him to be working and he lets me know when he’s on his way home just in case I need him to stop at the store for something.

Little things need to be communicated, regardless of whether you think that’s important or not. It is courtesy. It is communication. REMEMBER! Speak. Tell. Don’t make your partner pull things out of you. Offer the information. Be aware of them and their needs.

Baby Steps

My wife has never shared the same passion of hiking into nature as I have. So, today I’m excited to say that we are making baby steps towards becoming a regular hiker. These baby steps began in the Rio Grande National Forest, near Crestone, CO. After spending the night at a natural hot springs. We drove to Crestone. It’s a small town nestled against the Rocky Mountains. We parked our car and began our mini hike into the National Forest. We enjoyed walking, talking and taking photos along the way. I want to share more adventures like this with her.

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