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Hooked on Phonics for ME!!!

Abby has been attending Pre-K since last fall. She attends two days a week and loves every minute of it. She simply adores her teacher. Abby is in the process of learning how to read. She knows her ABC’s, and the sound each letter makes, and can decode some words. Now its just a matter of getting her to put everything together. I enjoy reading, but it takes me forever to get through one book. The time it takes me to get through one my wife has read 6 or 7 different books. We both enjoy reading to our daughters and we  want them to  have a love for reading.

The problem I am having while teaching Abby how to read is all the RULES. I don’t remember any of the rules when it comes to short or long vowels, silent letters and that is just the beginning. I think I need Hooked on Phonics for Daddy’s. I’m most likely making a bigger deal then it really is. But still, the English language is HARD. The positives that I am taking away from this is that I have to research and review all the rules in order to help Abby learn. If anything its something we can both do together.

I realize it will be a long journey, but it should be a fun ride.

This morning I stumbled across a website that I will keep handy to help ME as well as our daughters learn the process of reading.


We will also be using Star Fall to help us with our phonics.