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ARGGGG Me Matey’s

birthday crew flat
March 1, March 2, and March 7

The first week of March is filled with birthday’s galore in our family. Our two daughters and their cousin. They are March 1, 2 and 7 respectively. So, yesterday we had a combined birthday party for all three. Recently our girls have gotten into watching Jake and the Neverland Pirates.  So, they requested a pirate birthday party. It actually was a lot of fun with a Treasure Chest Pinata filled with Chocolate gold coins, balloon swords, face painting, tattoos, and CAKE!!! Check out other cake creations by Grammy Sue at her blog. The party sucked all the energy out of me and wifey, but it was totally worth it. Our girls and their friends had a total blast.

abby face paint flat

abby ink flat
Showing off her Tattoo
abby loot flat
Checking out her Loot!!!
cate butterfly flat
Beautiful Butterfly
mommy pirate falt
The Brains behind the party and a Face painter too!!!
pirate grandma flat
A Granny Pirate!!!
the pirate crew flat
The Pirate Crew!!!
tristian flat
A Baby Pirate
birthday cake flat
The Pirate Ship Cake
birthday cake2 flat
Yummy Cake by Grammy Sue!!!
treasure chest macro flat
Pirate Treasure
sinking ship flat
A Pirate Ship Wreckage!!!
swashbucklers flat
The Swashbuckling Pirates!!!

sam doughnut flat

A Misadventure through Acadia

In honor of my father’s birthday today, I was reminiscing on a story that happened four years ago. To celebrate our father’s 70th birthday my brothers and I traveled to Maine. We planned a guys weekend of baseball games (Baseball is around the Corner) and traveling through Acadia National Park.  Our adventure began by driving close to the top of Cadillac Mountain and we hiked the rest of the way to the top. Once on top we had a panoramic view of the park.  While exploring the top of the mountain, we decided to hike down to Bubble Lake, and our mother would meet us down there to pick us up. Our descent down the trail began with no issues. We followed the trail markers. I was leading the way and somehow missed a trail marker. I must have been distracted by the surrounding beauty. LOL!!!

brothers Adams
My brothers and I
I’m the good looking one in the middle…
overlooking Acadia NP
Atop Cadillac Mountain
hiking down
Hiking down the trail

Anyway instead of following the established trail, we ended up blazing our own trail down the mountain. It made for quite the adventure. Even though we lost the trail, we knew where we needed to get to and we just kept trekking towards our goal of Bubble Lake. We did eventually make our goal of the Lake and all in one piece. It was a hot and arduous misadventure, but we have a great story to tell everyone.

cadiliac mt
This is what we trekked down with out the aid of a trail. We were Trail Blazers…
bubble lake
Our Final Objective
Adams Guys
The Guys after the Misadventure

Birthday Celebration

abbygirl flat
Princess Abby

Our daughters birthdays are actually March 1st and 7th.

Queen and Princess flat
Mommy and Princess Cate

We decided to hold off celebrating until my parents could come in from Maine, as well as my brother and his wife from Montana. Our party was on Saint Patrick’s day. We didn’t do anything to extravagant, just a few kid games, face painting (done by mommy), balloon shapes by Aunt Casey, and CAKE.

castle cake

My mother-in-law has discovered a new talent in cake decorating. She is amazing. Check out her blog for other cakes she has created. She made this castle cake for our two princesses.

cate and cake2 flat
Cate Keeping an eye on Cake