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Small Town Living – Lazy Day

Nestle Tollhouse has taken the ? out of the perfect chocolate chip cookie.alg-cookie-dough-jpg They found it and printed it right on the side of their impossibley awesome chocolate chips. Not only did they find the recipe but they put it right in the spot where you will always be able to find it and never lose it or even have to look it up in your favorite cook book.

People still had trouble so they went a step further and made the dough, packaged it and put it in the refrigerator aisle so all you have to do it buy the dough and bake it off. You can buy it by the tub. You can even skip the baking and just eat the dough!

But people still didn’t want to take the time.

Several weeks ago, Nestle Tollhouse put in a OUTLET where all they do it make this refrigerated dough up into the actual cookie and serve it with milk. Yup… That used to just be grandma’s house.


Sugar coma

The girls this morning were making cakes. They kept shouting out the ingredients.


4 cups of flour, 2 cups of oil, 5 cups of eggs, and 8 cups of SUGAR. All I could think of was having a sugar coma. I love watching our girls play, and have them figure things out, even if it sounds disgusting, I will enjoy every pretend bite they give me.