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Glow Stick Fun

abby blue 1 flat
The 5 year old
cate pink 5 flat
The 3 year old

abby blue 4 flat abby blue 5 flatcate pink 4 flat abby blue 2 flat abby blue 3 flatcate pink 1 flat cate pink 2 flat cate pink 3 flat

Last night we opened a package of glow sticks. Our girls just love them. I took the opportunity to catch them twirling and spinning them their hearts content. It also gave me the chance to practice some long exposure shots. We all had a great time. These images remind me of deep sea creatures.

Project Blue

So, my theme for this week’s  Facebook  52 Week Photo Challenge was Blue. I started by photographing some of our blue goblets, and a blue ball of yarn. They weren’t bad ideas for my project, and they turned out pretty good. But I wanted something more.  Then I remembered I wanted to try something I saw in a MagBook. The picture I saw was a set of colored pencils submersed in sparkling water, which created a bubbly effect. After bouncing some ideas of my wife. I went to work. In keeping with my theme for the week, I selected various shades of blue colored pencils, and placed them in a Pyrex glass dish. I didn’t have any sparkling water, so I mixed tap water and ginger ale to create the desired effect. To keep the pencils from floating in the water, I filled a small Tupperware container with water and placed it on top of the pencils. Then I placed the glass dish onto a projector, which created some back lighting for the photo. I have to say this was the first time I have ever set up a photograph. I am so use to taking pictures of flowers, landscapes, and just candid photographs. It was a lot of fun. I just may have to do it again.

Blue Gobblets flat
Blue Goblets in the Sun
Blue Ball of Yarn flat
Ball of Blue Yarn
Blue Pencils flat
Blue Pencils