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Small Town Life – Airport Diva

What with the whole 4 funerals and a baby thing we’ve been dealing with this summer, I have spent alot of time in airports.. with my newborn… trying to be discrete about diaper changes and breastfeeding.

At one of my many layovers, I was sitting next to a lovely teen. When I say lovely, I mean, this girl was fashionable, naturally pretty, and had a very bubbly personality. She had never flown before and started to freak out when she couldn’t find her boarding pass. After assuring her she could simply walk up to the counter, show her ID and get a new pass, I gave her a few other bits of advice and then moved a few seats down when she got a phone call.

It was a small airport and no matter how much I tried to give her privacy to have her conversation, I couldn’t help but overhear her talking to her friend.

“Well, he didn’t ask me to come. I TOLD him I was coming. I know! If he wants to be like that I’m just going to have to tell him what I think! He’s my boyfriend and she’s not even there! I don’t know. My dad paid for the ticket but I mean, I’m going out there and I’m GOING to be there for 10 days so it BETTER go good.”

Hmmm…. I wanted to grab her and say, “I have a great show called ‘How to Lose a Guy in 1 Easy Step.’ Wanna star on the first episode?”

NO! DON’T GO! The relationship isn’t worth the cost of this plane ticket.

But I didn’t.

I don’t have advice that would be listened to and I don’t understand so I stayed out of it but… It was hard. I wanted to say to her, “You are worth so much more than that! Don’t be that girl. Dump him and move on to someone who will want you where ever they are! That’s a real relationship.”

But… she was a teenager.

Oh, the drama….

Genius Idea!!!!

I have to say whoever thought of putting a play place in an airport concourse, was a GENIUS!!! We have spent the last 4 hours waiting for our airplane at Logan International Airport, and the five year old has been in total heaven. She has been running, and jumping and leaping all over the place. She has been meeting new people and totally wearing herself out. It’s made this long wait totally bearable!!! genius I tell GENIUS!!!

Flying Adventure

So, I needed to fly to Denver this morning for a recurrent training for deicing. Our flight up was uneventful and my class went well. The return trip not so much. I boarded the airplane to return home, and we took off just fine. During our flight a passenger noticed liquid flowing on the wing of the airplane. He goes up and mentions it to the captain. The captain asks a fellow captain, who was flying in to over night in Alamosa to fly out the next morning, to take a look at the leak. She confirms the leak, but said it wasn’t that bad. Our flight continues on to Alamosa, but a few minutes later we begin a slow circle to return back to Denver. Upon landing back in Denver, we had a fire crew waiting for us. They followed us in as we were taxing back to the gate. Just as a precaution. It was funny the extra crew, a coworker, and myself were all taking pictures of the fire crew. Apparently while all this was going on in the air our Alamosa airport lost power, so even if we didn’t have a fuel leak we most likely would have had to return to Denver anyway.

Do any you have crazy flying stories?

Are Some People Just Never Happy

While working my shift at the airport the other day. My coworker and I were already dealing with a deal on our present flight. We than received a phone call telling us our evening flight was going to be cancelled. When this occurs our morning flight is cancelled as well. We looked up contact information for our passengers for that morning flight. We noticed that one particular gentleman would miss all of his connecting flights if he was re-booked to a  later flight that day. We called him to see if he could possible fly to Denver this particular afternoon and spend the night to catch his connecting flight to his final destination. He comes rushing into our tiny airport and was in a major tizzy. Telling us how major inconvenienced he was going to be by this change.  How he had spent to much money on this trip so far. How he had been arguing with his wife about money. How he didn’t want to pay for his luggage. How his son would have to spend 3 hours by himself while someone came to pick him up from the airport.  He just wasn’t happy about all of this. We kept explaining to him how that if he didn’t fly out today he would miss all of his connecting flights and would have to most likely spend an extra day here in our small town. We gave him vouchers for a hotel in Denver, food vouchers for dinner that night and breakfast the next morning. So, I really don’t get what he was complaining about. I don’t know if he is just a planner and one his plans go awry he just gets all bent out of shape. Its people like that make customer service difficult. I mean we try to help the man out but yet he still complained and complained. I guess some people are never happy.