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Small Town Living – Walking on the street

We live in a very small town. Population is actually less than 10,000. There are some colleges that are bigger than this town. Growing up here was interesting but even more interesting is coming back after a time away. I constantly compare my life here to a Gilmore Girls episode. I walk down the street and inevitably I will see someone I know. gilmore_girls

There are people in this town who have lived her forever and know very few people. However, it’s hard to go to the local Walmart with my mother as we will run into people she knows in every aisle and it takes us an hour to get three items.

Today I came back to the store I run from an errand and there was a client there and I knew his name. I knew what he needed. I see him around town and well, I almost started humming the theme song to Cheers.Cheers_S11_early

The truth is, we all love to be where someone knows our name and small town living makes this very attainable. If you are willing to introduce yourself to the supermarket checkout person (even if you don’t use names… you just say hi, how are you and be real when you talk to them) it’s easy to make friends. These are the same friends you will see at the local Mexican restaurant and the dentist waiting area.

Walking down the street can be fun and very sitcom like if you live in the smallest towns in the world.

– the wifey

Skagway, Alaska

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Recovery Mode…

I am still in recovery mode from my trip back east to visit my parents for the weekend. Where we spent more time in airports and traveling than we actually did visiting my parents. My daughter and I spent 17 hours last Thursday trying to catch a flight to Boston. We ended up on a Red Eye flight and arrived into Boston at about 7:30 in the morning.  My father picked us up and drove us to their house in Maine. We visited wildlife refuge,  the famous Portland Head Lighthouse and saw some of the Freedom Trail in Boston. Sunday, my daughter and I hopped on a flight to Seattle. This was going to give us more options to get back to Denver. We arrived late at night and had to sleep a few hours in the airport,   We had five chances to catch a flight to Denver and we finally made it on the last flight of the day. We than had to spend Monday night in the airport. Tuesday morning we made it on our flight to Alamosa as the last two people on the plane.  Finally made it home and than had to return right back to work that afternoon and evening. I do have some cool photos of our trip. However, some much needed sleep needs to occur first.


Thanks again for checking out my blog. You guys and gals are greatly appreciated.



My God Shall Supply

I wrote this a couple of years ago and an update at the end. God is always looking out for us!!!

My mother asked me one day what my favorite Bible verse was. I thought about it, but couldn’t really decide. I asked her to pick one for me. What is it about mother’s and their ability to always know what to say and when to say it? The verse she chose for me was Philippians 4:19. She also created this cross stitch for me as a daily remind that God is in control of my life and He will supply all my needs. 

A little less then a year ago Callie and I decided to pack up our house leave our friends and my job behind and test the unknown. I was going to head back to school and work on getting into Physical Therapy school. Callie would stay home and take care of our two girls. This unknown path has been filled with many potholes along the way, but God has blessed us with supportive families and the promise that He will take care of us. Our plan has taken a hit  and I will have to wait another year to try and get in to my program, but God has a plan and He will supply us with all our needs. God’s plans have not led into Physical Therapy. We packed our little home in Missoula, MT and we moved to Alamosa, CO. I have been working part time Substitute Teaching and working at our little airport. But my biggest role right now is staying home (when not working) with our girls.  God is still working in our lives all we have to do is hang on for the ride. His plans are so much better than ours.