Man Blogs: Sisters!!!


I took the girls to the park this afternoon. To releave them of some energy!! There was a rock by the walking trail, so I thought it would be great to take a picture of them together. Everytime I tried to get them to look at me it was like pulling teeth. First Abby would look at me and Cate would ignore me and look the other way. Here is the picture I was able to come up with. It still turned out cute!!!

Man Blogs: Daddy's Pedicure



So, mommy bought Abby a Princess kit which included nail polish and lip gloss. Yesterday Abby painted her fingers and toes all by herself. Today I wanted to take interest in what Abby was in to, so I told her that after supper she could paint my toe nails. Her eyes lit up like a Christmas tree!!! She told me to sit still and not move, and if the polish got on my skin not to worry…very cute!!! Anyway here are the results!!!

Dear Water Company,

We should be getting a discount for how much water we use. We have to be your best costumers. I take a bath every time I get stressed and that’s ALOT! And I just got my teeth cleaned and I can’t go more than a couple hours without brushing them. They are so nice and pretty. Who wants to lose that due to lack of proper dental hygiene?

The girls have to take a bath every time they come in from the outside because as soon as they get out the door, they are determined to cover their bodies evenly with sidewalk chalk and sand. It’s not the kind of thing you just leave on a toddler who is walking around, arms outstretched toward your couches. Therefore, baths. And they change their minds every 20 seconds about whether they want to play inside or out so it’s out, in, to the bathtub, play for 10 seconds and then out again.

AND when they are out there they take every dish in the cupboards to build sandcastles and I have to wash it all. Not to mention the many times their clothes have to go through the wash to get rid of food stains from EVERY meal and all the outdoors stuff. I have to say though, they are spending alot of time naked.

Then there is the heat that is forcing us to water the lawn and the kids when they are outside.

Then there is Daddy who takes a shower before work, after work and again after his second job.

I therefore conclude that the Adams family should be getting a discount!



Man Blogs: Livingroom Ballet!!!


One of Abby’s favorite shows to watch is Angelina Ballerina. She enjoys prancing around the living room saying she is Angelina. One day Callie found this tutu on Etsy, which she just had to have for Abby and her active imagination. For now our living room will be her stage and she will always be our star.

Click on the picture to visit the Etsy store yourself!

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