Shoo, TV. here comes Netflix

When I was a kid, TV was a different animal then it is now. My parents would watch the nightly news and would shoo and shush as we scampered all around.

Now days, you can pause, record, and rewind regular TV if you have a DVR. Many Millennials have opted out of expensive cable all together and gone to Hulu or Netflix. The advantage to these being the ability to also fast forward. I watched several shows in just 1 hour because I skipped the parts I felt were superfluous. I don’t care about judges comments. I just want to hear the singing…

For me, this means more time reading, playing the piano or cooking. My children can have my full attention if and when they need it because I can pause or rewind any time I want.

However, seems that Hulu, Netflix and even DVR lend themselves to binge watching, which I also participate in every now and then:

What do you think? Are we better off now or were we better off before?

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