Small Town Life – I’m So Fancy

Did you ever have that fancy thing that maybe belonged to your grandmother or great grandmother and it was up on a shelf in a sort of shrine to family history and was never used.

Then maybe one night your mom was like,”Let’s use the fancy tea set and sit in our pjs and watch Despicable Me 2!” And she made hot chocolate and you could have as many marshmallows as you wanted and maybe your mom was a little jumpy because it was your great grandmothers tea set but… You felt so grown up drinking out of it!

And suddenly your mom was the coolest mom ever!


5 thoughts on “Small Town Life – I’m So Fancy”

  1. My grandmother’s both quilted – and gifted quilts to me when I was born – and mom put them on my bed and I grew up falling asleep to counting the hand stitches in a wedding ring quilt and a state flower quilt – they were well used and loved, but finally fell apart from too many washings over the years and Mom once said, “maybe I should have wrapped and saved them for you to have when you grew up” and I remembered Grandma saying, “Quilts are to be used, not hung on a wall for display” – – 🙂 wonderful post

  2. Tea parties are the BOMB!! My Mom started with me when I was 4 years old, and EVERY SINGLE day of my life, from then on, except weekends, we had a tea party all to ourselves… my 6 bro’s did not want to participate!! lol It made some of the BEST memories for me with my Mom that we had that alone time… it was so special, and we are super close because of it! take my advice, it opens doors for very important conversations, so do it ALL the time!!! 🙂

      1. I hope so… I remember feeling so left out and forgotten, being the baby of 8 kids, it meant the world to me that she would take this half hour-hour and spend it me…. good luck!! 🙂

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