Broken Promises

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There’s never been
a promise made
that could not be broken.
Good intentions can crumble
dreams tumble;
we slide easily into
lost integrity.

Be careful of promises made
yours and others
for unfulfilled expectations
can be a cruel reality
leading ourselves and others
down the road of despair.

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Small Town Life – I’m So Fancy

Did you ever have that fancy thing that maybe belonged to your grandmother or great grandmother and it was up on a shelf in a sort of shrine to family history and was never used.

Then maybe one night your mom was like,”Let’s use the fancy tea set and sit in our pjs and watch Despicable Me 2!” And she made hot chocolate and you could have as many marshmallows as you wanted and maybe your mom was a little jumpy because it was your great grandmothers tea set but… You felt so grown up drinking out of it!

And suddenly your mom was the coolest mom ever!



This morning I went to a local reservoir here in the San Luis Valley. I had everything I needed. I started to take some good shots and my battery died. I was like cool, I can go grab my spare from the camera bag. I replace batteries and low and behold my second battery was DEAD. GROWL!!! There I was was gorgeous views and my camera was out of commission.  All I had left was my phone. Here are a few shots I took before my camera batteries died.

smith reservior sunrise3 smith reservior sunrise2 smith reservior sunrise1 smith reservior sunriseI will post my cell phone pictures a little later.