Small Town Life – The Meaning of Life

I believe that this is not the last life. I believe the next life is going to be perfect and beautiful. I believe in God and Heaven. Let’s stop there with the theology of God but without that premiss, my idea of the meaning of life would be moot.

The only thing that matters in this life is relationship. This is my thesis.

It is not important whether I live longer, healthier, or more “right.” It is only important how I relate to others.

This does not mean that I live unhealthfully. I want to have the energy to have good relationships but my health or idea of what is healthy should never be a relationship breaker between me and another person.

This doesn’t mean that I am reckless and dangerous but my idea of what is safe should never be a relationship breaker between me and another person.

This doesn’t mean that I don’t stand up for what is right or what is just. But I am not the judge and if my idealism comes between me and someone (who is not directly causing harm to another), there is an issue with my way of standing up for justice.

Relationship is the meaning of life.

Thoughts? What is your idea of the meaning of your life? Do you have a different premiss and thesis statement?

A New Experience…

So, this weekend I am in Bar Harbor Maine. I will be partaking in the Mount Desert Island Marathon. I have never been much of a runner, (I’ve never really seen the point of running for hours)  however,  if you give me a basketball I can play for hours.
My mother originally signed up a three person relay team to run the event. Unfortunately, my mother contracted Lyme’s disease and was unable to train or run her portion of the marathon. I received a phone call at the end of August, she asked me if I would consider replacing her. I didn’t really commit until until the beginning of September. Since then I have been jogging/walking 7-9 miles about 2 to 3 times a week. It has been the most I have EVER run in my LIFE. I have to say that I have enjoyed the solitude of the treadmill in the late evening and early morning. So, when the run is over. I just my continue this trend I have started.


Small Town Life – Vegetables… Huh? What are they good for?

I don’t like vegetables. I’m really not that picky but I have to say that I like unhealthy stuff so I kinda don’t love vegetables. I mean, really!

I eat artichokes but lets be honest. they kinda look like a vegetable that you need to eat or you might be eaten. It’s a dang thistle!!! For me, it’s really just a catalyst for mayonnaise. Mmmmm… I love mayonnaise. However, I can’t be seen eating mayo out of the jar. It would just be… gross… for whoever was looking at me. So God made artichokes to be a little spoon for mayo. I believe it.

I eat carrots but let’s be honest: they aren’t always the go to for a snack even though someone had the genius idea to peel them, cut them and basically make them prep free right out of a bag from the grocery store. And yet, I open the fridge and all I want is cheese. Carrots are really just something to dress up in ranch. Oh, hello little boring carrot. How about a lovely ranch dressing suit? Yessss… that’s nice. Now you are worth eating. I can’t be seen drinking ranch out of the bottle but dip a carrot in ranch and suddenly I am healthyish again.

I eat tomatoes but let’s be honest: they aren’t awesome. They are seedy and acidy and just not fun to eat. I plain old don’t like them. Tomatoes are just a reason to eat bacon. Slap some bacon and mayo on bread and hide a few tomatoes in there and well, I’m healthfully eating fat and carbs.

How do you hide vegetables?