Double Rainbow


I was locking up tonight at work, and I noticed a rainbow. I go outside to take a look and its a complete rainbow.  There was also a second one not as bright, but still pretty cool. I don’t think I’ve ever seen two complete rainbows together. Of course I was caught without my camera. Thank goodness for camera phones.

Small Town Life – Big Box vs. Local Biz

There is a local guy who started a very successful brewery. He has a bar and grill attached. Right across the street this year, opened up a big box type chain coffee place. (Not Starbucks…)

Knowing the logistics of all this, simply because it’s Small Town and we know everything about everyone, I’m not sure who I’m rooting for. Big Box was opened by a transplant from California who, trying to escape the high cost of living and taxes on the Sunny West Coast, sold everything and invested what would seem to be an insane amount of money to us in Small Town, in Big Box. I feel sorry for her even if she is a transplant simply because this Big Box is… maybe not going to make it and she might lose everything. Just because you are part of a franchise doesn’t exempt you from failure and her failure is very possibly imminent as… Local Guy opened up a coffee shop directly across from her, adding on to his already successful business, only days after Big Box had their grand opening. DSC01668Now, all is fair in love and big business. Local guy started his business from scratch, not Big Box recipe book and he has the equipment and the know how and the local presence to succeed in the coffee business in this town. Big Box can’t even get the recipe right as they are all very new to the whole thing. It makes me wonder why she even decided on this business that she seemingly knows nothing about.

Local guy is roasting his own coffee and making local food and basically, he’s blowing her frozen and baked fresh every morning cookies out of the water. He is also very gracious about her business. He states that he believes there is enough business in this town for the both of them. Maybe he’s right. They aren’t doing EXACTLY the same thing. He’s doing everything and she’s doing… a little bit of stuff. DSC01667
DSC01670 DSC01675 DSC01676 DSC01678 DSC01684 DSC01686 DSC01687 DSC01688

Frankly, I see Local Guys place as a new hang out that is very close to my house and is going to be AWESOME and Big Box as being a place a take my kids every now and then to get a quick cookie and a scoop of ice cream. Here are a few pics of Local Guys place. It’s pretty awesome. His coffee is exceptional and the food… well, I’m very picky so I think it’s going to take some getting used to but the coffee alone is a reason to go there.



Small Town Living – Street Fair

Small Town has a street fair that is popular with EVERYONE every year. It is the one even where you are assured to see anyone and everyone. We live within walking distance of the venue so every year we invite people to bring their kids to the house and I paint their faces (because the face painting at the event is woefully inadequate and outrageously expensive.) Then we walk over and peruse the booths, get a turkey leg, pretend like we are pirates and leave, completely broke.image

This year is an election year and we saw every candidate that was up for election handing out flyers and recruiting votes. It was very interesting. The republican booth was clear across the park from the democrat booth. istockphoto_6017958-us-political-party-logosHowever, everyone was in the middle of the park kinda hanging out and chatting. It was all very amicable.

It’s nice to see that however strongly people may feel about their politics, they can still interact kindly and just have a nice conversation.