Small Town Life – Drive Me Crazy

Driving in a small town can be so frustrating. If you cut someone off accidentally, most likely you’ve offended your next door neighbor’s cousin or your doctor or someone else that’s going to make you regret it later. roadblockYou rarely see the road rage you do in large cities though. I’ve never been flipped off in my town by some angry driver.

You can always tell the out-of-towners in a small town. Besides the fact that their car doesn’t fit the culture of the town, they are driving crazy slow looking down each street trying to find something. They usually end up in the drive through for McDonalds because they are afraid of the hole in the wall places that line the main street.

Worse yet must be the embarrassment of being pulled over in this town. EVERYONE KNOWS YOU! You will not escape being asked what the incident was or why you were spread eagle on the hood of Officer so-and-so’s squad car. squad_cars

Just something to think about if you ever move to a small town.

2 thoughts on “Small Town Life – Drive Me Crazy”

  1. Holaaaa, this took me back to the 1970s when I lived and worked in the States, especially spread wide arm over the State Trooper car’s hood 🙂

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