Small Town Living – Small Business

rockwell11In small towns, you will find small businesses. I happen to run one. My parents own the business and the building and it’s a small clientele that I mostly know by first name. The newest of the 7 employees has been with us for 7 months and the oldest employee has 16 years under his belt. I’m saying, there isn’t alot of turnover. Everyone likes the job enough to stay.

It’s not a glamorous job but as an employee once pointed out to me, “I could move to another company, bigger with more benefits, but I would be a number in a line of possible budget cuts. Here, I’m a name.”

Small sometimes means appreciated more. Small means being known. Small means a human answering the phone that you can see when you walk into the office. Small sometimes means not getting what you want right away but being heard and understood and getting answers faster because you aren’t transferred to 3 different departments. Small means being able to bob and weave as a business because you aren’t to big to move.

I love it.

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