Small Town Living – Walking on the street

We live in a very small town. Population is actually less than 10,000. There are some colleges that are bigger than this town. Growing up here was interesting but even more interesting is coming back after a time away. I constantly compare my life here to a Gilmore Girls episode. I walk down the street and inevitably I will see someone I know. gilmore_girls

There are people in this town who have lived her forever and know very few people. However, it’s hard to go to the local Walmart with my mother as we will run into people she knows in every aisle and it takes us an hour to get three items.

Today I came back to the store I run from an errand and there was a client there and I knew his name. I knew what he needed. I see him around town and well, I almost started humming the theme song to Cheers.Cheers_S11_early

The truth is, we all love to be where someone knows our name and small town living makes this very attainable. If you are willing to introduce yourself to the supermarket checkout person (even if you don’t use names… you just say hi, how are you and be real when you talk to them) it’s easy to make friends. These are the same friends you will see at the local Mexican restaurant and the dentist waiting area.

Walking down the street can be fun and very sitcom like if you live in the smallest towns in the world.

– the wifey

Skagway, Alaska

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2 thoughts on “Small Town Living – Walking on the street”

  1. I live in London (population allot…) and I love the area I live because there is a little corner shop, and since we first moved in, they are lovely. My husband has a heart condition, and multiple times they have let him pay later when he had no cash (never heard of this happening), they are not well off, but they have a trust that makes us care about them, we know about them, and there children, it makes life good!

  2. I lived in Sidney, Montana (pop. just under 5000), while I was a live-in nanny, and it was a great experience. I remember in the movie “Peyton Place”, Allison Mackenzie says she longed to read a newspaper where the names in it meant something to her.

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