I’m not THAT mommy…

I sat down with another mommy the other day to shoot the breeze in the coffee shop and we of course were talking about parenting…

Well, I was talking. She was listening.

I talked about how I just feel like I’m not the mommy who plays with her kids and I’m not the mommy who wants to do all this “mommy” stuff. It’s hard to be a Pinterest mommy. Those mothers who do projects, homeschool, keep a perfect house, are organized and are able to just embrace being a Stay At Home Mom are amazing. It’s really a job… a job that I don’t want. It’s one that some are amazing at.

I can’t play the violin. I never really wanted to play the violin. I love watching people play the violin. It’s an amazing instrument but it’s not my gift. I’m ok with that.

Why am I not ok with being a working mom? Why do I feel guilty because I’d rather do dishes and cook dinner than play barbies? Why do I feel guilty that I’d rather be at work and make money and run my business than be at home doing crafts and taking the kids to the park?

I love watching them grow. I do the best I can to maximize the few hours in the evening I have with them but… I’m just not THAT mommy.

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3 thoughts on “I’m not THAT mommy…”

  1. You don’t have to entertain your children all the time (children need to learn how to entertain themselves), but if you never spend any time with them (reading to them is something I believe both parent and child enjoy), they might think you don’t like being around them. Find things you both like to do–I love to sing, so I sing to my child, I love to go to the park, so I take her with me, I love to play games, so I play games with her (on her level, of course).

  2. As a parent who was active with their child, and the primary caregiver for my Grand-daughter when mom and grandma were working and I tried to work from home….
    Wanting to spend time with the little’uns is partly a function of knowing them. I mean in the same way that you have adult friends whom you choose to spend time with (I assume you DO have friends you choose to spend time time with) — you do so because you know them well enough to choose their company. On some levels children are the same — except you get to influence who they become. And the scary part of children is that they are sponges — they absorb everything — even the things we don’t, particularly, WANT them to absorb. They are a reflection of us — with their own personality thrown in. Get to know them. Encourage positive influences. And on some levels, ‘mould’ them into responsible, caring, sensitive people. They will be what you expose them to. Yourself and your values; or else they’ll suck up anything they can absorb from around them — and maybe not the best.
    The funny thing about parenting is we don’t get a ‘get out of jail card’ — once we have ‘em, they are ours. And it doesn’t really matter whether we want to be that mommy, or daddy… the job is ours.
    Keep at it! Even parents can learn new skills.
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