Small Town Living – Horses on Main

Today as I was driving to church I saw three guys in old school tack and chaps riding horses down main street. Where can you go through the drive through at McDonald’s on horseback? Only in small town America!cowboys flat

It’s not totally unusual for people to have their horses in town. We arebreakfast time flat in an agricultural community. Most of the time they aren’t actually riding across the country. Most of the time it’s in modern clothing but one of these guys had actually come all the way from Louisiana. Took him 2 months.

They are building a horse rescue ranch here in the valley. Now I’m not an animal person. I’m hesitant to let my child have a fish! However, people who are HORSE people or DOG people or ANIMAL people… well, I’m all about supporting them in that mission. They are doing something amazing for which I have no desire or talent and that is amazing to me. Keep on keepin’ on, horse guys!


real cowboy flat
Two Months on the Road from Louisiana!!!




I think I’ve spent to much time at summer camp. These little bracelets were all the rage when I was a camper and camp staff. Of course this is the most basic, but its the limit of my braiding skills. I used my limited skills to make one for our four year old. She was very upset that her six year old sister received a rubber band bracelet from her Montana friend.

Small Town Living – Small Business

rockwell11In small towns, you will find small businesses. I happen to run one. My parents own the business and the building and it’s a small clientele that I mostly know by first name. The newest of the 7 employees has been with us for 7 months and the oldest employee has 16 years under his belt. I’m saying, there isn’t alot of turnover. Everyone likes the job enough to stay.

It’s not a glamorous job but as an employee once pointed out to me, “I could move to another company, bigger with more benefits, but I would be a number in a line of possible budget cuts. Here, I’m a name.”

Small sometimes means appreciated more. Small means being known. Small means a human answering the phone that you can see when you walk into the office. Small sometimes means not getting what you want right away but being heard and understood and getting answers faster because you aren’t transferred to 3 different departments. Small means being able to bob and weave as a business because you aren’t to big to move.

I love it.

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Mission Mountains

black and white Mission Mts flat Misson Mts Reflecting flat










My brother and a small group of his friends are planning a weekend camping trip in these mountains in July. He asked me if I wanted to go, and I said Heck Yeah!!! I just need to some how convince the wifey. I suppose her and our three girls can hang out with my sister in law, while the boys play in the wilderness.

Small Town Living – Walking on the street

We live in a very small town. Population is actually less than 10,000. There are some colleges that are bigger than this town. Growing up here was interesting but even more interesting is coming back after a time away. I constantly compare my life here to a Gilmore Girls episode. I walk down the street and inevitably I will see someone I know. gilmore_girls

There are people in this town who have lived her forever and know very few people. However, it’s hard to go to the local Walmart with my mother as we will run into people she knows in every aisle and it takes us an hour to get three items.

Today I came back to the store I run from an errand and there was a client there and I knew his name. I knew what he needed. I see him around town and well, I almost started humming the theme song to Cheers.Cheers_S11_early

The truth is, we all love to be where someone knows our name and small town living makes this very attainable. If you are willing to introduce yourself to the supermarket checkout person (even if you don’t use names… you just say hi, how are you and be real when you talk to them) it’s easy to make friends. These are the same friends you will see at the local Mexican restaurant and the dentist waiting area.

Walking down the street can be fun and very sitcom like if you live in the smallest towns in the world.

– the wifey

Skagway, Alaska

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The Puzzle is Done

The puzzle we started about 2 weeks ago is completed. We finished it after dinner last evening. Its such a great sense of accomplishment to get through that sky, with its many shades of blue. It was driving us INSANE!!! But we did it. Wifey stated that the excitement of finding the correct puzzle piece, was comparable to hitting a great golf shot. They both keep you coming back for more. (granted she has only been to the driving range, but I get it and so will anybody else who has ever played golf)

puzzle complete flat puzzle flat