For years my wife has wanted a treadmill. So, for her birthday last month I bought her a treadmill. It’s not a real fancy one, but it gets the job done. The girls started out pretending to run on the treadmill. Now they are starting to actually use it properly. I have them walk for five minutes, and than they switch. In fact the first thing the three year old wanted to do this morning was walk on the treadmill. Here’s to hoping they continue to live an active lifestyle as they grow older.


3 thoughts on “Treadmill”

  1. I’ve wanted a treadmill for years but as I am a large hippo of a man only a commercial-grade model such as is used to exercise elephants at zoos in the wintertime, would stand up for long to the pounding I bring. And those are way out of our family budget. It appears as though this model should stand up for miles to come in your household!

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