Wolf Pup part 2

Today the 5 year old and I went up to Wolf Creek Ski Area with her little school. The weather was sunny and warm. The snow was perfect. I have no idea how the organizer pulled it off, but the kids only had to pay $20 for Rentals, Lessons, and Lunch. What an incredible deal!!!

wolf pup abby flat
After her last run of the day.

Our 5 year old was super excited to get back on the slopes. She is eager to learn. The instructors were reminding their students to “Pizza” and “red-light”. Every time an instructor would call out “blue light” you could hear howls from their kiddos, just like little Wolf Pups. Our kiddo had trouble stopping at first. I think she thought it was a game to run into the instructors. Finally towards the end she got it .

It was so much fun to watch her succeed, it made me very proud. I did have the pleasure of watching her ski down the bunny hill for the first time.

As a side note the second we got home from the slopes the 5 year old was howling like a wolf, and was influencing the 3 year old to howl as well.

As for dear old Dad. It was first time I had been on skis or a snowboard in 3 years. Outside of my first time skiing (1994), which was a horrible experience. I have always enjoyed skiing. My muscles are so sore right now.







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