A Ranting From A Stay At Home Dad


Since, I have become a stay at home dad, it amazes me how much laundry I have to do. When I was single I would do laundry like once a week. Now that I’m married with children, if I don’t a tleast do laundry every other day and perhaps daily, we would be drowning in dirty clothes. It’s a never ending battle, which at times I just throw my hands up and say “screw it I’m done”. How do other stay at home dads or moms keep up with it without going completely nuts? What’s your secret?

drowning in Laundry flat
Laundry is Overwhelming!!!!


10 thoughts on “A Ranting From A Stay At Home Dad”

  1. Oh how I hear you – there are week’s when I’m sure I’ve spent more time with the washing machine than my husband but if I throw a hissing and don’t do it, it simply means there’s more the next time to wash, ugh! 😦

  2. What I really hated was when I worked hard to wash, fold, and sometimes iron the clothes, I would put them on the kids beds to put away. The next morning I would find them swept off the bed on the floor and mixed with the dirty pile on the floor, push under the bed, or worse yet throw them back in the laundry basket because they didn’t want to put them away. GRRRRR! Soooo, I told my kids that I would buy them socks and underwear so they wouldn’t have to go totally naked. They would have to buy their own clothes. I stopped buying their clothes. Grandparents came in very handy for them cuz they gave them money at Christmas so they would be able to replenish their wardrobe. They learned really quickly how to shop at Salvation Army and surplus or second hand stores. Mean you say? So was throwing their clothes on the floor. in the laundry, or shoving them under the bed after all my labor to make them look nice.

    I still do laundry everyday. Small loads, but it keeps it from piling up.

  3. As a fellow stay-at-home dad, I have to say it’s not the manual loading into-and-out of the washer and dryer that bother me (and yes, on an infuriatingly nearly daily basis). That’s the easy part and I’m glad I don’t have to do it by hand. What overwhelms me is the seemingly unwinnable battle of folding everything before it gets tossed on the floor by little brother or mixed up into dirty clothes by big brother. Or my favorite, when the smelly dog makes herself a nice cozy spot to sleep and shed on, thus rendering my efforts completely for naught……

    Nice blog, stay-at-home dad. Nice to see another stay-at-home dad who is into photography, too.

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