Anniversary Trip

wedding gift flat
A wedding gift

So, yesterday wifey and I celebrated our 9th wedding anniversary and we discovered the sex of our third child. After the unveiling, we packed up our other two kiddos and sent them to grandma and grandpa’s for a sleep over. We than proceeded to drive to Colorado Springs for an evening getaway at the Broadmoor  Resort and Hotel.  Our route took us past Pikes Peak which we drove to the summit (pics to come later) and enjoyed a high altitude doughnut. YUMMY!!! After we descended down the mountain we arrived at our hotel. What a treat!!! A big shout out to my in-laws for providing us with a gift card to this luxurious hotel.  After checking in we got ready for our dinner at the Summit restaurant. We left our phones in the room, so we could just enjoy the meal and each others company without constantly checking our phones. It was just nice not having any distractions. It was a nice getaway!!!

broadmoor2 flat
The main building
Broadmoor1 flat
View from our room across the lake
broadmoor night flat
Night time view from our balcony



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