A friend of mine posted this article; My Daughter’s Homework Is Killing Me on Facebook. As a former teacher I was guilty of assigning to much homework in my health class, however I tried to flexible with my students schedules. I applaud this dad for taking the time to work through his daughter’s homework with her. When our children are old enough to have homework I will have to remember to take time and actually do the homework with them.

3 thoughts on “Homework…”

  1. Funny story… OK, not funny more sad for me. My middle child had a math worksheet and I was checking it to make sure he did it right. All of his answers were wrong so I made him redo the sheet. He complained the whole time about how he did it right and his answers were right. But we redid it. And when i rechecked it, it was fine. When he turned it in he got the whole sheet wrong. He told the teacher he had done it but I made him redo it because I said his answers were wrong, so she let him do it again..this time in class. He got a 100%. The teacher called me and told me what he had said about me making him redo the homework and I said yes…he had gotten all the answers wrong. The teacher suggested I take the “New Math” class that was offered for parents after school. LOL wow did I feel dumb!

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