A Bedtime Saga

So we all know from Jim Gaffigan that bedtime with kids is like a reverse hostage negotiation. In our house, that’s for real – especially when Mommy is feeling a little under the weather and we skip the story routine.

Tonight, we had pizza. It was crusty and the 5YO crunched into it and later she was complaining about what that crusty did to her. Her tooth was hurting. She rolled around and whined for a while until we got sick of it and thankfully it was bedtime so we sent them both up to go to bed.

But of course the 3YO bedroom was to cold and she didn’t want to sleep right at that moment so we sent her to snuggle with her sister. Then of course the 5YO comes down and insists that the 3YO cannot be in her room if she doesn’t obey the rules of the room. She then proceeds to use her fingers to name off the three simple rules that somehow all included being silly not being allowed in the room. We finally got them back up to their rooms when we heard the footsteps coming back down the stairs.

It was the tooth ache again. I put my finger in to see what was going on with the tooth. It was loose! Her first loose tooth! Well, we had to make a big deal about it and tell her that there would be new teeth coming in and that they weren’t all going to fall out at once and of course, the 3YO had to be down listening to it all. We gave her the special box we had been saving for the loose tooth occasion and sent her back up to bed. Bedtime was now getting very late.

Then the footsteps were coming back down the stairs and we were starting to loose patience. Of course, we hadn’t prayed and they were scared. After a prayer, we had to talk about the CD player and how CD’s get scratched and won’t play so BE CAREFUL! Then they were back up to bed.

But of course, that couldn’t be the end. The footsteps were back down in record time. The tooth box had fallen behind the bed and the 5YO was very upset. That was, however, the last straw. There was no comforting or negotiating. GET UP THERE!

Ummmm…. I need to wrap this up. I hear footsteps…