Mediocre Foodie from America

I love food. I love watching FN and I love the idea of amazing food, one of a kind food being made exclusively for a few diners. I envy the people who have money to eat fancy all the time.

I also love making food. I love trying to make gourmet food for my family. It’s amazing and fun and creative.

However, because of the kind of Christian I am, I eat only clean meats. Therefore, I will never be able to be a food critic or eat at a restaurant where they just serve you and you enjoy what you are given whether it’s squid or chicken. I’m just not evolved enough to eat a squid. I mean, who looked at a lobster and said, “Let’s eat that!”

I live in the United States of America where we have the wonderful option to eat however we want: clean, vegetarian, vegan, organic, fancy, cheap. Don’t tell me that poor people can’t eat what they want because it doesn’t take ANYTHING to get on food stamps. I was on them for two years and we got a huge food allowance and even on food stamps, I was able to cook WHATEVER I WANTED! We might not have been able to go out to eat ever but we could buy anything we needed at the grocery store and cook it however we liked and we never spent a dime of our own money. This country gives all people the possibility of eating however they want no matter their status. The only people who are going hungry are those who refuse food stamps or are to young to cook for themselves and their parents are irresponsible enough to not feed them the way they could. (Ok, I’m off my soap box.)

I will not be arrogant enough to argue the merits of GMO or non GMO or organic or non organic. There are people who do not live in this GREAT COUNTRY and do not have the options we have here and are being denied basic nutrition because of these arguments. Don’t argue about this until you have seen, experienced real hunger in a country that doesn’t offer free food to whoever can’t afford it or lived in a country where there simply isn’t enough food because of war or embargoes or stupid people.

Because of AMERICA and my good fortune to have been born here, I will never go hungry and I have the option to only ever be a mediocre foodie.

The Intense Focus…


While visiting my brother and his wife this weekend. Our five year old was given part of a sewing kit from one of her friends. She is very serious about her sewing and making a headband for one if her dolls. As a former PE teacher its fun to watch her work on her fine motor skills. Plus,it keeps her occupied during our long wait to get on an airplane.

If you CAN say something nice…

Standing in line at the grocery store, I was behind another lady trudging through the monotony of the unavoidable task. Just as she got to the register, the checkout lady looked up and said, “I have to tell you something. You were the first person I ever met in Alamosa when I moved here. You worked at the bank and you gave me a loan and you were so nice. I have adored you ever since.”

The shoppers face lit up. “Thank you! That just lifted my day! I have to tell you, my sister died today and you telling me that just made my day less heavy.”

WHAT?! What amazing timing!

If you can say something nice, ALWAYS DO! You never know what it’s going to do for someone.

– the wifey