Those who know me may have asked me, “Are you planning on having more kids?” And they would inevitably get the standard answer, “Hell no. I just got those ones house trained. I don’t think I could do it again.”

Have you ever been in your cubicle at work and someone asked, “What’s something you would REALLY want on your birthday?”

Of course you would answer, “Macaroni and cheese with green chili’s and a giant margarita.”

“But what about cake?”

“Eh, my mom makes cakes and we have cake alot. It’s ok but… I want mac and cheese.”

Then someone else pops their head in your cubicle and says, “Hey, it’s Don’s birthday and there’s cake in the conference room…”

Suddenly you realize that you’ve been avoiding cake because of the fact that for two years you had a lot of cake and got a bit burned out on cake and now all you can think about is cake. Specifically that cake in the conference room and whether its your mom’s custom made cake or a Walmart special with a printed photo of Don, you want a piece of that cake! It only took cake being available in the conference room to make you think, “Hmmmm… cake. I think I’ll try it again.”

Yep, the other day, I took a pregnancy test and there was the cake, right on that little stick saying, “I’m in the oven, whether you like it or not. Cake is here. You want it don’t you?”