If it Ain’t Broke….

How many women have asked their husbands to do a marriage seminar, a video, a book, a retreat, a counseling session, only to have them say, “Why? There’s nothing wrong. Are we having problems?”

NO! We are not having problems.

Let me see if I can put this in terms you can understand.

How many men have seen that their mother LOVES to cook (or something else). They love her cooking. They see the joy she gets from cooking. She has been cooking with the same oven since WWI. So the loving son, knowing that his mother loves this pastime and loves the fruits of her labor, goes out and buys her a new oven. It’s high tech. It has time bake! It’s amazing. It’s DOUBLE! And she says, “The old one works just fine. Is there something wrong with it? DID YOU BREAK IT?!”

No! There is nothing wrong with it! He just thought his mother, who loves cooking, could have an easier time of it. She would be able to bake things she never could before. She could bake while she wasn’t even there. She could keep a shopping list on her oven. She could bake MORE!

Get it?! It’s not that there is anything wrong! It’s that we want to do MORE!

Am I wrong?!

– The Wifey