What’s Mine is Mine and What’s Yours Is Mine…

Ever since Andy and I started dating, I have been wearing his clothes to bed. Let’s talk about nightwear for a moment.

You have the old fashioned nightgown. Not totally uncomfortable. It’s a little less than appealing for a man to see. I mean, it’s one thing to be comfortable and another to remind a man of his mother every time he flips open the sheets.

There is the good old jammie set. These are way to much for me to handle. I love them but to buy MYSELF a jammie set is something I can’t bring myself to spend money on. Come on! You can ONLY wear them to bed.

Teddies are what I think every man wants his wife to wear to bed all the time. However, when was the last time you girls found a teddy you REALLY want to sleep in all night?

A few personal preferences have dictated my sleepwear choices. My legs cannot touch. This is why I don’t wear skirts or dresses. I HAVE TO WEAR PANTS. So I buy yoga pants to sleep in and exercise in – because I can’t bring myself to purchase something that is ONLY going to be slept in. I always sleep in old T-shirts because they are a hand me down from myself from a free t-shirt or an event to a sleep-in, comfy… thing. Everything has to be a bit loose but not so loose that I tangle when I thrash… which I do all night.

SO! When I started dating my husband, he had MILLIONS of these hand-me-down-to-me t-shirts and I started commandeering one every now and then for the odd night I hadn’t washed my allotment of sleeping shirts. He also purchases flannel pants to sleep in and then… doesn’t use them because they shrink up to being to short after the first washing. Therefore, I have taken over my husbands clothing as my personal sleepwear.

It seems only natural and it saves us money!

What have you girls taken over from your husband? Men, what have your girls claimed as their own?

– the wifey