I still love the church……REALLY???

Culture Monk

lets go to church

by Kenneth Justice

~Okay, so we all know that Christianity throughout the Western World pretty much sucks.

–) Pastors and Priests look and act more like business CEO’s than people whose lives have been dedicated to serving humanity

–) The church, which in the Medieval Ages was on the frontline of healthcare for the poor and the helpless, now spends more of its time planning irrelevant meetings and taking care of their church building(s) which are colossal wastes of space since they sit empty for the majority of the week.

–) Sex before marriage occurs more often among ‘churched’ teens than among un-churched

–) Hotels sell the most porn videos during youth pastor conferences

–) Greater depths of community appear to exist more often at the local pub or cafe than they do in the confines of church fellowship

We could probably sit here for hours and talk about the…

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