A Good Cuppa Tea

I was never much of a tea drinker as a young person which is surprising considering my love for all things English. (I’ve never been to England. But I love the BBC, English Lit, and I do a pretty good accent.)

When in Costa Rica (coincidentally known for coffee and not much for tea of any type) I met a lovely English woman who introduced me to tea with milk, or lemon, or sugar or whatever. It was an instant addiction! I started drinking tea like crazy and I’ve loved it ever since although my craving for coffee still rules me in the morning.

I’m way into the herbal teas at night like camomile and all that. It’s amazing.

Tea BagI have a love hate relationship with the tea bag. It’s convenient. However, it bubbles and floats and you have to get the spoon to sit on it just right to get your tea to steep strong enough to be worth drinking. Then once the tea steeps, you are stuck with that awful bag to dispose of and it usually gets left on the spoon on a table and leaves a mark or a mess or whatever. I hate leaving it in the cup while I drink because it always floats near my face and the spoon handle swings around and slaps me.

So there’s loose leaf tea that you can get and put in one of those lovely little tea steeper things to keep the leaves from floating all around thus avoiding the spoon altogether. But they still have to be cleaned up and if you don’t want over-steeped tea so you have to take it out before you drink the tea and then what do you do with it? It ends up on the table next to the bag.loose leaf tea steeper

teapotMy best option so far has been the loose leaf tea pot. It has a little strainer inside that fits so nicely and the tea stays down in the water where it belongs and there is no clean up right away to keep stains from forming on the furniture. It also keeps more tea warm longer.

Sadly, I had one of these pots. HAD being the operative word in the previous sentence. My kids used it as a play thing and broke it so now I’m back to the bags.


What’s your vice?

– the wifey

9 thoughts on “A Good Cuppa Tea”

    1. I’ll check it out. I was at a hippie shop in Crestone, CO and bought a lovely to go mug type thing for loose leaf tea for a friend. I should have splurged and gotten a little more high tech myself but I love brewing the tea and having the little pot all my own and pouring myself a cup. I feel all English!

  1. I really like the post, but I’m not a tea drinker. I had some friends from South Africa (long ago) who brewed a mean pot of rooibos tea. And a few years back I’d sometimes brew up a pot of dark, dark tea, all loose leaves. But I keep coming back to coffee: the stronger the better . . .

  2. My husband often gives me a hard time about my tea-hoarding tendencies. The SECOND I feel a little nip in the air, I fall into a three-season long tea habit.. various types of green, earl grey, chai, rooibos ANY type of herbal- I’ve even made my own from herbs from my garden- and actually, I’m still hooked on making sun tea in the summertime so I always have tons of little green tea bags on hand. I also have way too many teapots than any one person could ever need, but I’m a tad emotionally attached to them.
    The tea bag can be annoying! And the tea ball is great, but it can be messy. My husbands grandfather gave us little ceramic teabag/tea ball holders. It’s like a tiny coaster with a dip in the middle so any liquid that may be in the leaves doesn’t get all over the place. So you can steep, take it out, have a mini vacation while you enjoy your tea, and THEN deal with clean up 🙂

  3. So, this is now difficult because eventually it comes to matters of personal taste. But for me there are only three types of tea: Assam, Darjeeling or green! (Oh, fourthly, I must still mention the tea that we call “Turkish”. Actually, the tea come from Ceylon, but it will be processed in Turkey. There is a strong black tea, which can infuse several times before it then you can drink). A tea bag is out of the question. Only whole tea leaf that brings out the full flavor in the water. Darjeeling is for the summer because it is light and also lukewarm still tastes good. Assam is for the winter, he is strong. You might want to dissolve a piece of raw sugar in it. Green tea is for every day he is an elixir of life! But of course, all this only applies to me (I would not drink tea, which is mixed with something such as with bergamot or other flavors). Way, we accept small paper bags that are made ​​especially for tea. (Finally, a confession: I do not drink tea every day, but Italian Cappucino A “souvenir” from my many vacations in Italy (;-)).

  4. I would never refuse a good cup of tea. When I was living at home, I would always have a cup of tea with mom and watch Coronation street. Yes, we are Brits. These days, I am more into coffee.

  5. Well for me I find I make a pot of tea when I’m undecided about what else to do – shall I start the ironing or put the kettle on? I get stuck on a sentence in something I’m working on – I put the kettle on! At home I always make tea in a teapot – no teabags hanging around in a mug! I love coffee too but tea it is in the afternoons and the evenings. If you are ever in England then afternoon tea at a good hotel or similar is a treat.

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