8 thoughts on “I have an awesome wife”

  1. You know, the graphic above is really SWEET, and, obviously, you love to golf, so that’s great! However, it bothers me when I hear or read the words “let me” regarding one’s spouse. I’m guilty of it too because my husband makes more money than I do, so he gets the final say on our finances. However, I’m not clamoring to spend mega cash on clothes or makeup, etc. I’ve been begging him to spend $600 to have our heating/AC vents cleaned for 12 years! While he has no problem spending $2-$3K on our trip to Vegas in the fall, but the vents have NEVER been cleaned! And I have horrible allergies, which would be much better if we were breathing dust/dirt, etc., and I work at HOME. And I hate having to wash clothes that get dusty hanging in the closet if I don’t wear them for a couple months. Anyway…now that I’ve hijacked your blog, I’m glad your wife LETS you go golfing :)!! And some men do spend TOO much time golfing/fishing whatever and not enough time with their wives/families, but shouldn’t we all LET our spouses do whatever they want within reason? Unless…you honestly can’t afford to go golfing or clean the vents? Just a thought…have a great day! 🙂

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