The Inspirational Friendship

“We accept the love we think we deserve.” I heard that the other day and was forced to think about some of my own relationships.

I have a few friends who inspire me, who’s lives I ponder at length. What is it about them that makes me want to be friends with them so badly?

1. They rarely need something from me. I might be valuable to them in certain situations for my talent or my contribution to a specific project but it’s not like that all time. I’m not the go to for help. They are the ones who just want to be friends because we can, not because of what I can offer them.

2.  They are the ones who don’t offer me advice. They don’t need to change me. They never judge my life.

3. When they walk in the room, I’m just happy to be around them because they make the room light up with their presence.

4. They validate me.

5. These friends make me feel safe and comfortable in my own skin.

I am privileged to have many of these friends. They are all around. Somehow, I have been surrounded by these happy, contented, driven, amazingly creative people who I would not hesitate to call up if I was in their area just to chat and have coffee. I hope, my friends, you are accepting this love because you more than deserve it.

8 thoughts on “The Inspirational Friendship”

  1. THANKS for sharing! I often wonder why people let others treat them like crap. Your words of wisdom say it all. I’ve heard that before that we accept the love we think we deserve, but I’d never really understood it until reading your post and thinking about an episode of Big, Bang Theory of all things. One of the main characters, Leonard, does something REALLY stupid and something that’s really UNFAIR to him in order to keep his girlfriend, Pria, from breaking up with him. I couldn’t imagine just blindly doing what someone else wants to keep that person around. And when I read your post, I realized that Leonard like a lot of people just didn’t think he could do any better, which is sad. I realize he’s a character on TV, but I’ve seen friends of mine (men and women) do the exact same thing. And there are people who go to the same extremes just to keep a friend. And I think we ALL need to realize – we deserve better! Thanks for your thought-provoking post because there ARE people out there who don’t NEED/require anything but friendship. And I cherish those people as well.

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