Freedom Trail

Treated the five year old to some of our nation’s history while visiting my parents. It was just a small piece but its beginning to open up her little world. It’s probably  what I miss the most about the living on the East coast. The HISTORY!!!

bunker hill memorial flat
Bunker Hill Monument
city of Boston B&W flat
Boston Cityscape
constitution canons flat
Old Ironsides row of cannon’s
following the freedom trail flat
Following the Freedom Trail
Old Ironsides Black and White
abby at Constitution flat
At the Side Yard
abby and I at old ironsides flat
Sharing a piece of History
old north church flat
Old North Church

3 thoughts on “Freedom Trail”

  1. Oh yes, have children and even grandchildren. Run on the line, that they make all that much. Would like to know even know why really. Have probably forgotten it. (;-))

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