Flying Adventure

So, I needed to fly to Denver this morning for a recurrent training for deicing. Our flight up was uneventful and my class went well. The return trip not so much. I boarded the airplane to return home, and we took off just fine. During our flight a passenger noticed liquid flowing on the wing of the airplane. He goes up and mentions it to the captain. The captain asks a fellow captain, who was flying in to over night in Alamosa to fly out the next morning, to take a look at the leak. She confirms the leak, but said it wasn’t that bad. Our flight continues on to Alamosa, but a few minutes later we begin a slow circle to return back to Denver. Upon landing back in Denver, we had a fire crew waiting for us. They followed us in as we were taxing back to the gate. Just as a precaution. It was funny the extra crew, a coworker, and myself were all taking pictures of the fire crew. Apparently while all this was going on in the air our Alamosa airport lost power, so even if we didn’t have a fuel leak we most likely would have had to return to Denver anyway.

Do any you have crazy flying stories?

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