First Instrument

Our five year old has been wanting a guitar for the past several months. She has been saving her money to buy one. Yesterday was the day. She bought her pink guitar from Auntie C for $30. The five year old was super excited (daddy is too so I can learn how to play as well) to hold it and strum the strings. I think this will be a fun learning experience for our family. Looking forward to it.

abby and pink guitar flat
We have to work on how she holds the guitar…
abby's guitar flat
Excitement to learn

abby playing guitar b&w flat


5 thoughts on “First Instrument”

  1. When I was young and got my guitar I was so in awe of it. It was on the small size but actually it was my size. Your daughter has one that she can still play when she is older. I am excited for her for when she starts playing songs and then singing along with them. Oh to be young again sigh

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