Lightning Crashes…

Lightning Crashes...

I love the song “Lightning Crashes” by Live, however my attempt to capture Lightning was a major fail. I love to watch lightning, especially at night. I am always in awe at how photographers can capture such clean images of lighting crashing down to the earth. One day…for now I will keep practicing. Any pointers on how to capture a wonderful still image of lightning.

9 thoughts on “Lightning Crashes…”

  1. I agree entirely…capturing that infinitesimal instant seems like a miracle.
    Lightning Crashes by Live is one of my all time fav’s, too!!! (good call!)

  2. Great song and as for tips for capturing lightning I have a few that I wrote down a while back from listening to a podcast about it (although I admit to not ever tried to shoot lightning despite keeping this in my little notepad). However, these tips also apply to shooting fireworks which I did last week in Chicago (

    1) Wait for nighttime – much easier to get a good shot against a clear black sky
    2) Use a sturdy tripod – since you will be shooting at night and using long exposures you want to be sure that the camera stays steady
    3) Shoot in Manual Mode – use your camera’s lowest ISO setting, switch to manual focus, use an aperture value of f/8.0 or f/11.0 and put the camera in ‘Bulb’ mode. With a remote or cable shutter release you can control how long the shutter stays open.
    4) Keep the shutter open until a streak of lightning comes into the frame and then close it using the shutter release button.
    5) Find an item of interest in the foreground (or somewhere else in the picture – like I did with the Chicago skyline) that can add some context to the photo that isn’t just weather dependent.
    6) Try and try again…the great thing about digital photography is the instant feedback. You can look right on the back to see if you got it. If not, try again. No harm, no foul. Memory is cheap!

  3. I love this song too, thanks for including the video with your photography. I don’t have advice, but I like the shape of the lightning strikes behind the fence.

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