Very powerful photos…check them out!!!


ImageThis stunning collection of photos was taken by the very talented Mark Laita on the inevitable inequality of human kind. Heavy stuff mind you, these pictures are so beautiful and challenge one to think about life & fate and the effect they have on the person you become. The power of comparing two people so radically different makes you wonder what their story is and if we were all created equal, what happen along the way. Enjoy!

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2 thoughts on “CREATED EQUAL”

  1. I just finished listening to an audio course by The Modern Scholar – Great Professors Teaching You! called RETHINKING OUR PAST: Recognizing Facts, Fictions, and Lies in American History. (Available on CD from my local public library) …. My eyes have been opened to the immensity of the problem. It’s amazing that our country operates as effectively as it does, but I suppose it’s because life just keeps marching on. I encourage all adults of voting age to start digging into history, because if you’re like me, we sure didn’t learn much in school!

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