“Remaining coachable”

A life lesson that is very important to one’s growth.

Mother Bleeper

Can you look back into your life and pinpoint some situations or periods of time when you really could have used some guidance? There were many decisions to be made. Who guided you?

I actually shake my head in disbelief sometimes when it occurs to me how easy it could have been to change my path.

In 8th grade, I held records for my track achievements. I was the anchor in our 4 person relay team. My coach named me MVP. Then, at graduation, she wrote in my yearbook, warning me to try to remain ‘coachable’. She knew that I was talented but I was also a rebel that resisted her authority.

That was the last year I can remember excelling at a sport, or even caring about being on a team.

Coach saw it coming. She had a talk with me about how someday, a track scout from a…

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