Re-Entry Don’ts

Alice Shi Kembel

I thought I was done with our don’t lists after London, but re-entry provided us with some good ones.


Step on the luggage scale at the airport

Run into people’s heels with the luggage cart


Spill your drink in your lap during the first beverage service of a twelve-hour flight

Knock over an entire cup of juice onto your brother’s seat because you were moving your trash onto his tray while he was in the bathroom

Only sleep for an hour on the flight from London to San Francisco, then get up at 2 am the next day because of jet lag

Take out every Lego set, Tinker Toy, Nerf gun, game, stuffed animal, and costume that you own and turn our house into a disaster zone within 30 minutes of being home

Give a verbal play-by-play of the dog’s every movement for two hours because you’re so excited…

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