CGI and the Shakes

I went to see The Hunger Games and there was something awry and I thought, maybe it was just that one film.

Then I went to see Man of Steel.

Am I the only one who hates the “new” filmography? I hate all the shaking!!!

I was watching Superman dash around the screen and as much as I loved the story and the acting and the beautiful people, I find it hard to watch these movies because they are SHAKING all around and giving me a headache. I feel like yelling at the camera guy, “Pull out! Pull back. You are to close and we can’t see!” Come on! He’s Superman! It was, is a great story, great script, great acting and I feel like I need to close my eyes for the ENTIRE MOVIE!

And now they are going to do one of my favorite children’s series (Peter and the Starcatchers) and having the same director as The Hunger Games, I’m afraid its going to be the earthquake in a theater all over again.

Am I getting old? I’m I getting cynical? I remember my parents hating all the CGI and to be fair, when they did the most recent Star Wars movies, I was annoyed that a main character was allowed to be CGI the whole way through and talk like a 2 year old to boot. As much as I loved the beauty of Avatar, I thought it was more video game than movie. Maybe I’m not old. Maybe I’m just the only one who wants to say it… bring back a bit of reality and keep it watchable.

Ok, to end on an AWESOME movie note… the stuntmen of the most recent Spiderman (and there is a squeal coming out as well using the same stunt crew) did a lot of the swinging and jumping and skateboarding and handstands and all that awesomeness FOR REAL! Not a lot of CGI there and not much in the way of shaky filmography. I kinda love that movie! I’m big into the superhero, comic book movie genre. (If anyone else loves this genre like me, what are your thoughts on the upcoming TV series The Agents of Shield.)

Bear in mind, this is all from a movie goer viewpoint. I’m no filmographer. I don’t know anything about making a movie. I just like to watch them… usually.

Thoughts? Do any of you have my same motion sickness frustrations in the summer blockbusters? Is there a movie you particularity love that you can recommend to me? What are your thoughts on CGI in the movies?

6 thoughts on “CGI and the Shakes”

  1. It seems like all visual entertainment is entirely aimed at emotional response with no time for thoughtful reflection. I first noticed it on television with the very rapid flashing of different images – so fast it is hard to see what they are. I want to scream “slow down” but then assume that it is because of my aging brain. But I doubt even younger, more nimble brains can give much thought to the images they are seeing. Thanks for a thought provoking post.

  2. I definitely agree with you… whole lot of shakin’ goin’ on! 😉 At certain moments in these newer films, I’m also wishing the camera had pulled back, and I do close my eyes. It can be distracting.

  3. I think if the type of movie fits for CGI, then it is great. Otherwise, I also find it and shaking annoying. No recommendations, since I haven’t seen any new movies lately. If anything, I check out the free ones at the library. The last one I really liked was MIB III.

  4. Most modern action films leave me in a daze if I try to follow every move – I’ve learned to sit back and just take in the overall picture and not try to follow every move – keeps me from becoming nauseous.
    Your post did remind me of a talk given at RSA about education and how neural pathways are formed – – in it, the lecturer mentioned that those born into the TV/Computer/Video game era had neural pathways formed very differently than those born before this era – perhaps our brains just don’t have the highway system to handle all the close-up action! 😀

  5. Well one this is for sure. You are getting older day by day (smile). I don’t go to the movies any more. I wait for them to come out on DVD and watch. In the meantime, I watch a lot of old movies that never seem to loose their luster, or at least not to me. Thanks for visiting again and the like of my post “Gathering in the Middle”.

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