Just Let Go

Broken Light Collective

Photo taken by contributor Danielle, a woman who suffers from severe depression, and a bipolar diagnosis.

About this photo: “I try to view the world from a place of love, but it is hard when you have been hurt or have issues that keep you from getting close to people. I have learned that I must recognize my negative thoughts and feelings and try to let them go. The difficulties in my relationships and pain I hold onto are hurting me the most. I must try to acknowledge my negative thoughts as they come, recognize them without judgment, and release them. Like letters in the sand, I must see them but know that they will soon be washed away. If I let them be washed away, I can strive to exist in a more balanced and healthy, loving place.” 


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9 thoughts on “Just Let Go”

  1. Just published a post on your photos- reblog any where you like. I saw a post with your picture and a few words but I can’t find it. Would you leave a comment about where I can copy and paste it? thanks-melanie

    1. thank you kindly for reblog. its greatly appreciated. I’m not quite sure which picture you are referring to. but my guess its a black and white one of my wife and I.

      1. I must be mistaken ..It was a series of overlaping heads shots and a short paragraph which mentions that you are an architecture student.. you have 7 likes in about 10 minutes

      2. laughing-

        This is why I should not visit a bunch of new sites in one day. i am a completely a right-brained,sort of writer. Intuition is great but logical part of my brain is lacking. Just ask my poor husband.

        Still like your stuff

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