10 reasons to create a photo blog

Andy Beel FRPS

Walk the lineI was asked a few month ago by a friend why I started my blog?

Here are the 10 benefits I jotted down at the time of the question.

Leave a comment if you can add to the list of benefits.

  • A global outlet for the sharing of pictures and photographic experience – my current work is seen in over ninety countries with over 1000 views on average per month.
  • The opportunity to try out new ideas on the blogosphere with prompt feedback comments from people with a broad spectrum of approaches, taste and experience.
  • The chance to ask questions of others to find a solution to a problem or issue.
  • Provides an avenue to advertise a website.
  • The passing on of experience and tips to 800+ followers and growing daily.
  • “Andy Beel’s is a must see blog” – a good blog gives kudos.
  • To be a part of a…

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