10 reasons to create a photo blog

Andy Beel FRPS

Walk the lineI was asked a few month ago by a friend why I started my blog?

Here are the 10 benefits I jotted down at the time of the question.

Leave a comment if you can add to the list of benefits.

  • A global outlet for the sharing of pictures and photographic experience – my current work is seen in over ninety countries with over 1000 views on average per month.
  • The opportunity to try out new ideas on the blogosphere with prompt feedback comments from people with a broad spectrum of approaches, taste and experience.
  • The chance to ask questions of others to find a solution to a problem or issue.
  • Provides an avenue to advertise a website.
  • The passing on of experience and tips to 800+ followers and growing daily.
  • “Andy Beel’s is a must see blog” – a good blog gives kudos.
  • To be a part of a…

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10 Things I Love About the High Desert

1. The temperature. It doesn’t get as hot as the low deserts.

2. The sunsets on the sand.

3. The lack of humidity. Your hair always stays put. No friz, no humidity slouching curls to sad stringyness. Not alot of product needed. Easier on the budget.

4. The illusion of stamina. When you visit people in a lower altitude, they really believe you are more athletic than you really are because you don’t get out of breath as fast.

5. Zeroscaping. There are only a few ambitious crazies (like my parents) who insist on bucking nature and creating their own little oasis in the sand. The rest of us enjoy a mow free Sunday (or at least minimal grass/lawn maintenance), while the crazies water and water and water and water and mow and then water again. It’s great fun to watch.

6. Sand. I know. It’s weird but it’s like having the beach without the sharks or humidity or hurricanes or tsunamis or crowds of people.

7. Wide open spaces. There aren’t that many people who like it here like I do so there is not alot of population to deal with.

8. Mountains. I love the majesty of the mountains.

9. Skiing. I used to ski alot. Then I learned to snowboard and I did that too. But now, I’m to out of shape to do it but my husband, and hopefully children, have quick cheap access to a little not-so-well known ski resort with 4 lifts and few lines. It’s awesome.

10. The hot springs. There are hot springs EVERYWHERE up here. We are surrounded by natural beauty and if you can find it, it provides you with so much fun!