Yes, You Are The King

A Shade Of Pen

This one hits home…a piece from my own life..a piece from almost all of our lives…!

I still remember vividly
The sound of my own laughter
As it echoed from your face
‘coz it reflected my own smiles
Every time I scraped my knee
I cried buckets until I met you
‘coz I knew it was only you whom
I trusted with things that hurt me
I knew you could fix it all
As I knew you would help me when I fall

Today, I am no longer the kid
Who cries everytime she is hurt
And yet it is only you whom I trust
To help me out when it hurts
Your eyes still twinkle with my smile
Your face brightens at my sight
My heart jumps up in the air 
With your blessings, love and care

No matter where I am and what I be
There can never…

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