Brennan’s Wave

One of the many cool attractions about Missoula, MT would have to be Brennan’s Wave. I never had the privilege to experience the rush of the wave itself, but I did enjoy the beauty of it. The next time I am in Missoula I will have to actually check out the wave myself. I’m not sure if I would kayak the wave, but would definitely want to take an inner tube, canoe or a raft through the wave. It just looks like so much fun.

brennan's wave b&W flat
Body Surfing the wave
brennan's wave with kayak flat
Kayaking the Wave
kayaking Brannens wave flat
Kayaking again
brennan's wave slowed down hdr flat
Wave slowed down and in HDR
brennan's wave slowed down flat
Slowing down the power
Haven’t master this technique yet!!!
brennan's wave b&w red filter flat
Brennan’s Wave in Black and White