When It All Slows Down

I work with alot of geriatrics in the store. I hear them saying many times, “What kind of parent would I be to put the burden of my care on my children? I can’t ask them for help. They have their own lives and I don’t want to drag them down.”

The better question is, “What kind of parent have you been that your children want to help you, be there for you, care for you?” Your children are dying for you to ask for help. They have been helped all their lives by you and when you are the kind of parent that teaches your children to be grateful, contributing members of society, their natural reaction to you needing them is going to be nothing short of awesome. They are excited to finally be able to do something for the ones that did so much for them. Most likely, they have been planning for the day when you finally slow down and can spend quality time with them. If they are close to retirement themselves or are already able to significant amounts of time at home, they are excited that they can do things with you they always wanted.

You don’t know how many “kids” I have coming into the store asking how they can make a trip to Hawaii more comfortable for Mom or a trip to DC to see the memorials easier for Dad. Enjoy that time with your kids. They want to enjoy it with you!

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