Playing at the Dunes (cont)

So far I have been to the Great Sand Dunes National Park in late summer, winter, and now Spring. There really isn’t a bad time of year to go. Every season provides its own spectacular beauty. It makes is much fun to photograph and just to have fun with your family.

building a dam flat
Building a little dam
abby carrying water flat
Abby playing in the water at the Sand Dunes
bird on a limb flat
Bird on a Limb
footprint flat
Footprint in the sand
unclejoshconstructing flat
Uncle Josh constructing a dam
alone in the wilderness flat
Alone in the wilderness
Cate splashing flat
Cate splashing in the water
abby the helper flat
Abby lending a helping hand
Sand Dunes in Spring flat
The beauty of the Sand Dunes
abby&cate in water flat
Girls wading through the water